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The Dundy County Chamber of Commerce and Development website will be shut down on October 1st, 2016. Envision Benkelman will be taking over all web based promotion and information for Benkelman going forward.



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There is no place like Nebraska… and southwest Nebraska has unique history and lifestyle unmatched anywhere. That’s why DCCCD, Dundy County Chamber of Commerce and Development, dedicates time to the preservation and development of Dundy County, Nebraska. Armed with the knowledge and motivation to propel this territory to new heights, we are your contacts for business development, relocation information, and recreational activities.

It’s up to you to see the best of Nebraska’s “Good Life” you’ve been missing. Visit the links above to learn more about Dundy County and Southwest Nebraska. Enjoy our website and please contact us with any comments or questions.


Dundy County Chamber of Commerce and Development
Phone: 308-423-5210
U.S. Mail:
P.O. Box 661
Benkelman, NE 69021